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Wanda Farwig, Chairwoman
Jim Metcalf, President
Colin C. Ruffner, Chief Marketing Officer
Gary Grosicki, Chief Operating Officer
Michael Hollingsworth, Business Development and Corporate Strategy Advisor
Chad Jordan, Chief Information Officer
E. Lee Stoffregen III, Division Director ­ Threat Awareness/Analysis
Tim Mahoney, Director of Critical Power and Special Services

Wanda Farwig, Chairwoman

Since 1998, Wanda Farwig has diligently worked to build and establish Yona, Inc. as a dominant force in the government/private sector. She began her career in government contract work with ORI, Inc. in the early 60’s. Having a secret clearance and the drive to help the government, her work, as well as, ORI’s was critical to the nation’s defense at a trying time in history. Mrs. Farwig believes that the citizen deserves a value for every dollar the government spends. It is this drive and belief in the results for America that led to the establishment of Yona, Inc.

Mrs. Farwig is a member of the Cherokee Nation, Tahlequah tribe of Oklahoma. She takes pride in the work of Yona, Inc. and is the driving force behind the reason Yona is here today. With extensive work experience at the federal and local government level and with a work history of over 50 years, Mrs. Farwig brings expertise and wisdom to our core work.

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Jim Metcalf Jr., President

Jim Metcalf Jr., shared the goal of ensuring that a company was able to deliver at all levels to the government with a value and result for those who pay for the work, the citizens of the United States. Following the vision first established by our Chairwoman, Wanda Farwig, Mr. Metcalf continues to push Yona, Inc. to be a new breed of company where clients get what they expect and more.

With a work history of 25 years, Mr. Metcalf served as a managing partner of Midland Holdings, a financial holding company with interests in commercial real estate, finance, mortgage lending operations and venture capital efforts.

Following his work with Midland Holdings, Mr. Metcalf worked with Performance Strategies as a Senior Associate. Performance Strategies was a leader in corporate management consulting. Mr. Metcalf worked directly in implementing design and function solutions for companies who lacked efficiency.

Mr. Metcalf was president of Intelshadt, Inc. This firm provided market consulting to mid level companies searching to become profitable and expand their markets. Mr. Metcalf’s expertise was efficiency and marketing combined with cost cutting.

In 1998, Mr. Metcalf began to serve as CEO of Kokopellis Pizza Company International, Inc. During this tenure, the company grew and was sold to a publicly traded firm in Florida where the brand still thrives today.

Following the sale of KPIC, Mr. Metcalf served as president of H.K. Bentley National Appraisers, Inc. This firm provides appraisal, collateral management, REO asset management and appraisal vendor management to the largest banks and mortgage companies in the world. With operations in AZ, DC, DE, MD, NV, VA, WV & nationally through an affiliate, H.K. Bentley National Appraiser Management, Inc. the company grew exponentially under Mr. Metcalf’s leadership.

Mr. Metcalf holds a BIS from George Mason University.

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Colin C. Ruffner, Chief Marketing Officer

Colin C. Ruffner comes to Yona, Inc. with over 12 years of experience in all aspects of real estate financing, from single family to commercial. He has a successful track record in managing multi-state mortgage companies while maintaining the highest standards in customer service.

Mr. Ruffner has an extensive background in commercial, residential and transportation insurance claims. His experience also includes over 10 years of national claims management expertise in commercial & residential property, as well as, all facets of interstate transportation, long haul trucking and natural disaster response services.

Mr. Ruffner holds certifications from American Appraisal Council and the International Disaster Response Group. He worked on two hurricane sites in Florida and settled over $25,000,000 in property claims in a six month period.

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Gary Grosicki, Chief Operating Officer

Gary Grosicki brings over 25 years of government service and contracting experience to Yona, Inc. After serving 5 years as a nuclear trained submarine officer, Mr. Grosicki joined Booz, Allen & Hamilton in Crystal City, VA, as a Senior Engineer. There, he operated as the primary configuration control engineer for retrofitting Trident ballistic missile submarines with the advanced Trident II (D-5) weapons system. Following that, Mr. Grosicki joined ORI, Inc. serving on-site at the David Taylor Research Center in Cabin John, MD. In his role as Program Director, Mr. Grosicki oversaw the design, development and testing of automated submarine ship control systems.

In 1987, Mr. Grosicki joined Trident Systems, Inc. of Fairfax VA.  At Trident, Mr. Grosicki was primarily responsible for the successful startup and operations of two business units: modeling and simulation and a commercial touch screen integration business.

He was rapidly promoted to the position of Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, responsible for all the day-to-day operations of the company, including accounting, contracts, finance, legal, HR, facilities, MIS, planning and organization. Under his leadership, Trident was named to the Inc 100 of the fastest growing business in 1991. He also served on the Trident Board of Directors.

Mr. Grosicki co-founded and served as a Director and the President of LifeLight Systems Inc., an early stage medical device company with research and engineering facilities in the United States and South Africa.

Mr. Grosicki holds an BS in Nuclear Engineering from Northwestern University (IL) and a MS in Operations Research and Management Science from George Mason University (VA). 

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Michael Hollingsworth, Business Development and Corporate Strategy Advisor

Michael Hollingsworth, a decorated Marine with a BBA equivalent from Sullivan University, brings 25 years of entrepreneurial experience in business development and a demonstrated ability to expand and build contacts at the national, regional and federal levels to secure opportunities in diversified areas with multiple revenue streams. Mr. Hollingsworth has a proven track record answering RFPs valued up to $20,000,000, providing private and federal contract proposal development, delivery, execution and deployment. With Yona, Inc., Mr. Hollingsworth collaborates with clients to assess individual situations and develop strategic business models to achieve workforce and revenue goals by leveraging and blending human capital, expertise, technology and intellectual property. The models are designed to expand capacities for identifying, researching, analyzing and bringing to market new lines of business. His primary focus with Yona Inc. is on implementing the client’s strategic business plan(s) through the use of technologies and information management, plus the establishment of strategic partnerships where appropriate.

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Chad Jordan, Chief Information Officer

Chad Jordan brings more than 12 years of Information Technology engineering support and management to the qualifications that Yona offers to its local, state, federal government private sector clients. Mr. Jordan was heavily recruited by this firm for his expertise and industry recognition as a leader and innovator in his field.

Mr. Jordan has held senior management positions with various IT outsourcing and service provider companies. He has worked in both private and federal sectors. All along, gaining experience with startup companies, Fortune 100 organizations and DoD consulting firms.

While at Computer Associates, Mr. Jordan worked as a Software Developer on one of CA’s flagship products; OPAL. Mr. Jordan was one of a select handful of employees that worked with OPAL from its infancy, through its testing phases and into production. Mr. Jordan transitioned into a Network Engineer position where he assisted in managing the day-to-day IT infrastructure of more than 500 users in multiple locations.

At Compex Corporation, Mr. Jordan held the position of Senior IT Architecture Analyst and was assigned as a contractor for the Department of Army at the Pentagon, He held a secret clearance and worked closely with both civilian and military personnel in DCSOPS to ensure that new technologies were constantly being sought and that once acquired, those emerging technologies were thoroughly tested and evaluated prior to deployment. He also participated in regular briefings to Army Colonels as to the overall integrity of the infrastructure he supported.

At American Tower Corporations, Mr. Jordan worked as a Senior Network Engineer. He managed the network environment that supported a nationwide Network Operations Center (NOC). This NOC was also responsible for timely notifications to the Federal Aviation Administration for emergency warning beacons that were placed on ATC communications towers. In addition, this NOC supported global VSAT operations for worldwide broadcasting companies and major Internet Service Providers.

Mr. Jordan joined mindSHIFT Technologies; a startup IT Service Provider based in Fairfax Virginia. As a Lead Network Engineer, he regularly met with clients to determine their overall needs and tailored a plan that would allow for a seamless transition from their in-house IT staff over to mindSHIFT’s outsourced IT management model.

In 2002, Mr. Jordan founded Inferno Networks, Inc. where he currently serves as the President. He has led Inferno Networks to become a successful provider of outsourced IT management, technical staffing, ASP Hosting and 24/7 remote network and systems monitoring for small and medium sized business.

Mr. Jordan holds certifications as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Certificates from Cisco on various networking protocols and security standards, and certificates on Linux based security.

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E. Lee Stoffregen III, Division Director Threat Awareness/Analysis

Lee Stoffregen brings more than 25+years of successful leadership experience in law enforcement/Security & threat assessment to Yona, Inc.

In 1979, Mr. Stoffregen started his law enforcement career as a deputy sheriff of Prince William County. He was rapidly promoted to various ranks within the sheriff’s office including his most recent achievement of Sheriff (serving 1996-2003). Sheriff Stoffregen oversaw the accreditation of his agency, the first sheriff’s office in Virginia to achieve this status.

Mr. Stoffregen is widely regarded as an expert in threat analysis and assessment. Sheriff Stoffregen supervised and planned security for some of the most high profile trials in history. He oversaw planning and law enforcement strategy during the “sniper incident” in the Washington, DC area, as well as, oversaw the security for that trial.

Sheriff Stoffregen has designed, implemented and supervised security planning for public buildings, both pre 9/11 and post. He served on terrorism task forces at the local, state and federal level following 9/11 gaining invaluable experience into strategies and effective prevention techniques.

Mr. Stoffregen is a no nonsense leader in the field of anti terrorism, public building safety/threat prevention, as well as, many other critical aspects of the efforts to keep America safe in a post 9/11 world as noted below.

Mr. Stoffregen has or currently serves on the following boards and committees:

  • State Terrorism Task Force, Chairman
  • Virginia State Accreditation Commission Executive Board
  • Federal Terrorism Task Force
  • Administration of Justice Curriculum Advisory Committee
  • Prince William Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee
  • Virginia Sheriff’s Association Board of Directors
  • Prince William-Manassas Regional Adult Detention Center Jail Board
  • Child Support Enforcement Task Force
  • Virginia Law Enforcement Standards Development Committee

He also has or currently serves as a member or affiliate of the following:

  • Virginia Association of Local Elected Constitutional Officers
  • Fraternal Order of Police
  • National Sheriffs’ Association
  • National Association of Chiefs of Police
  • International Association of Court Officers and Services
  • American Deputy Sheriffs’ Association
  • National Deputies’ Association
  • National Court Security Association

Mr. Stoffregen holds a BS in Behavioral Management from National Louis University and an AA in Criminal Justice from Northern Virginia Community College.

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Tim Mahoney, Director of Critical Power and Special Services

Tim Mahoney serves as Director of Critical Power and Special Services at Yona, Inc. He has cultivated successful business relationships through hard work, good communication and professional expertise. He is dedicated to these principles and our customers recognize the quality and high level of service and support we give our clients. Tim is responsible for planning and coordinating with the various trades represented on a project and is in constant communication with the customer.

His experience as President of Metro Electrical Services, LLC has given him the leadership and respect of his peers. His close attention to detail and high level of craftsmanship has brought him much success in the electrical contracting field. Highly trained electricians serve as the backbone of the company. They keep projects on schedule and are able to make critical decisions to ensure the complete success of each project.

Tim has more than 27 years of broad-based electrical contracting experience. Projects ranged from basic tenant installations to multimillion dollar technical upgrades to building and computer systems. Tim is licensed in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

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